House Numbering in Frenštát

My fourth cousin in Trojanovice sent me a copy of a history of the town of Frenštát from 1904. I started to read it in Czech, and of course I need to share what I am learning, because it is very interesting. Here is a translation of pages 7 and 8. ———————————————————————————————– House numbering was Read more about House Numbering in Frenštát[…]

Look at the Historical Map, Duh!

Hindsight is always 20-20. Czech people married in the bride’s parish of origin, and frequently began their married life in the groom’s parish of origin. I knew where the groom was from. Mniší. I knew the bride’s first name, but not her surname (her maiden name). After they married, they went back to Mniší to Read more about Look at the Historical Map, Duh![…]

Maps of Boundary Changes in the Czech Lands

Today I had an associate ask me:  “Yesterday we had a man come into the FHC helping a friend on his research.  I’m not sure if Ron will be coming back for further research on this family or not.     Anyway, on the 1940 census, the family’s country of origin was Czechoslovakia, earlier censuses Austria Read more about Maps of Boundary Changes in the Czech Lands[…]