Our Czechs were NOT all Catholic

Guest Post by Lukáš Svoboda, author of Kulanův rodopisný blogIf you have Czechs among your ancestors, the probability that they were not all Catholics but Protestants is quite high, especially when they were living in Bohemia. Of course we are talking about times before Bílá Hora, that turning point which changed the course of not Read more about Our Czechs were NOT all Catholic[…]

Robert Kalivoda thinks, “Bilá Hora, to je škoda!”

I would like to try to summarize what I have been learning from this really fantastic book of essays translated into English for the first time, and only very recently available to me via inter-library loan (but apparently almost completely available online!) The book is called Between Lipany and White Mountain: Essays in Late Medieval Read more about Robert Kalivoda thinks, “Bilá Hora, to je škoda!”[…]

Spoken Czech and the schwa (ə)

On my first trip to the Czech Republic (I suppose I’m supposed to call it Czechia, but that sounds so ridiculous I can’t bring myself to even write it, much less say it), I realized that my beloved Czech genealogy is inextricably linked to the Czech language. Therefore, I must not only learn everything there Read more about Spoken Czech and the schwa (ə)[…]

Nitpicking and Translation

I’ve been working on transcribing and translating Czech land records with a friend. I’ve learned a lot in the last three weeks – so much I have yet to share on this blog! For now, some meta data: It’s been extremely fun – surprisingly so, actually. It’s…well…it turns out…I’m…very nerdy. Well, so what. That can’t Read more about Nitpicking and Translation[…]