Using [Square] Brackets (and parenthesis) in Transcriptions (and Translations[!])

I’ve been working on a transcription project with my friend, and today while trying to find an objective explanation for why I was choosing square brackets [ ]  in some places and parenthesis ( ) in others, I ran into a genealogy standard that goes completely against all my reasoning and logic having to do Read more about Using [Square] Brackets (and parenthesis) in Transcriptions (and Translations[!])[…]

Silesian Nobles: the Czaderski Family

As part of a new series for the Moravian and Silesian Genealogy Facebook Group, I will be writing periodically about noble families. Even though all my known ancestors were peasants (or Burghers), still we can learn a lot by studying the noble families who owned – and especially who oversaw the record keeping practices of Read more about Silesian Nobles: the Czaderski Family[…]

Guest Post: Review of Barefoot (Po strništi bos)

Let Tracy Burns take you on dazzling journeys throughout the Czech Republic, Italy and other countries in Europe. Her blog, Tracy’s Travels, is at A resident of Prague for more than 20 years, she also has authored travel pieces at She has been writing about Czech and Slovak literature for the academic journal Kosmas since 2002. Read more about Guest Post: Review of Barefoot (Po strništi bos)[…]