Czech Birth Matrika Templates

A request was made on the Czech Genealogy Facebook group for a some templates for Czech matriky records. Here is my work in progress, which you may freely use. It is not complete. I welcome any additions and corrections.  To add: anything from the 15th*-17th centuries, early 18th century, 20th century *It is not common Read more about Czech Birth Matrika Templates[…]

The History of Czech Matriky

I was confused about why the matriky in use today are stored in matriční úřady (registrar’s office), not in the farnost (parish). This did not make sense to me. Catholics who get baptized want to still keep matriky books today, because they are a record of a religious ordinance/rites. How can the government justify itself Read more about The History of Czech Matriky[…]