House Numbering in Frenštát

My fourth cousin in Trojanovice sent me a copy of a history of the town of Frenštát from 1904. I started to read it in Czech, and of course I need to share what I am learning, because it is very interesting. Here is a translation of pages 7 and 8. ———————————————————————————————– House numbering was Read more about House Numbering in Frenštát[…]

How to trace Czechs before House Numbers

House numbers in the Czech lands are great. But they were not a thing until the 1770s/1780’s. And not all of our ancestors were the “knedlíky” kind. If you have ever eaten dumplings before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. They sit in your stomach forever, like bricks. Well, it’s nice when ancestors are Read more about How to trace Czechs before House Numbers[…]

Želary, část druhá [part two]

Část první [part one] is located here. My cousin (4th cousin once removed) Josef Petr in Trojanovice – who is just as much into genealogy as I am – gave me some really great answers to some questions, which I am sharing (with permission).  The only problem is that his answers have sparked 10,000 more Read more about Želary, část druhá [part two][…]

I am a GeneaBloggersTRIBE team member!

Guess what? GeneaBloggers was about to die. Thomas MacEntee was moving on to his new site: He basically realized that the vast majority of the traffic to his site comes from Facebook instead of blogs, and it wasn’t really worth all his gargantuan effort to continue with it. This post explains the pros and Read more about I am a GeneaBloggersTRIBE team member![…]