Cesta z Čech až na konec světa: část první

And so we embarked on our voyage along the coasts of Bohemia, inspired by pan Lva z Rožmitálu. A rather difficult task, as this is a completely landlocked country. Those ponds you see everywhere? Man-made creations devised for irrigation and keeping carp fresh until Christmas. My friend lent me his time machine, and we could Read more about Cesta z Čech až na konec světa: část první[…]

We CAN Remember!

Last month I posted the death certificate of Anton Smihal, which said, “Can Not Remember” when listing the name of his mother. I was very happy to be able to connect the living descendant of this family to their Czechs in the old country a few days later, and of course I started writing a Read more about We CAN Remember![…]

The Doxology was Controversial

The Lord’s Prayer is also called the Pater Noster (“Our Father”). The purpose of the prayer is to teach people to not pray ostentatiously, or for public show, but instead to submit yourself  to God’s will. Our cFather which art in heaven, dHallowed be thy ename. 10 Thy akingdom come. Thy bwill be done cin earth, as it is in heaven. 11 Give us this day our daily abread. 12 And forgive us our adebts, Read more about The Doxology was Controversial[…]