Matriky Monday: A boy named Maria?

We are rebooting a fun series and calling it "Matriky Monday"! This will be a weekly quiz which you can take to test your Czech genealogy skills. Got a suggestion for a record for this series? Send me a message!

A special shout out to Michaela Horňáková whose excellent work inspired this post. You can learn more about her at Naše kořeny.




2 thoughts on “Matriky Monday: A boy named Maria?

  • When will the answers to Matriky Monday be posted? I’ve concluded that I can’t read Czech well enough to answer the quiz questions, but, if I had the answers, then I could use that as a way of learning to translate the matriky.

    • Hi Walter!

      I actually was not originally planning on posting the quiz answers separately, as you can see the answers immediately after you take the quiz. Maybe you could just try to give your best guesses, and then see the answers?

      This is definitely intended as a tool for people to try to learn and improve transcription skills! I was thinking of setting up a free online course that does the same thing, but a little bit more explicitly. Would that be something you might be interested in?

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