Weekly Project Updates: 21 April 2018

Well, I skipped last week’s update because I really didn’t do that much except… I SOLVED MY FIRST EVER GENETIC GENEALOGY CASE!!! YAY!!! It was very exciting, and I hope to write lots about it. I was able to find the birth father of my second cousin once removed. It was an extremely satisfying experience. Read more about Weekly Project Updates: 21 April 2018[…]

Czech Handwritten Text Recognition: A Real Possibility

The main thing that I got out of RootsTech 2018 is the permission to think about Czech Handwritten Text Recognition as a real possibility. I have always been a little bit prone to being overly ambitious and having ridiculously huge dreams. A lot of people have derisively laughed at my vision in the past, and Read more about Czech Handwritten Text Recognition: A Real Possibility[…]

Using [Square] Brackets (and parenthesis) in Transcriptions (and Translations[!])

I’ve been working on a transcription project with my friend, and today while trying to find an objective explanation for why I was choosing square brackets [ ]  in some places and parenthesis ( ) in others, I ran into a genealogy standard that goes completely against all my reasoning and logic having to do Read more about Using [Square] Brackets (and parenthesis) in Transcriptions (and Translations[!])[…]

Silesian Nobles: the Czaderski Family

As part of a new series for the Moravian and Silesian Genealogy Facebook Group, I will be writing periodically about noble families. Even though all my known ancestors were peasants (or Burghers), still we can learn a lot by studying the noble families who owned – and especially who oversaw the record keeping practices of Read more about Silesian Nobles: the Czaderski Family[…]