Spoken Czech and the schwa (ə)

On my first trip to the Czech Republic (I suppose I’m supposed to call it Czechia, but that sounds so ridiculous I can’t bring myself to even write it, much less say it), I realized that my beloved Czech genealogy is inextricably linked to the Czech language. Therefore, I must not only learn everything there Read more about Spoken Czech and the schwa (ə)[…]

Nitpicking and Translation

I’ve been working on transcribing and translating Czech land records with a friend. I’ve learned a lot in the last three weeks – so much I have yet to share on this blog! For now, some meta data: It’s been extremely fun – surprisingly so, actually. It’s…well…it turns out…I’m…very nerdy. Well, so what. That can’t Read more about Nitpicking and Translation[…]

My first last day in Frenštát p. Radhoštěm

I woke up this morning in Frenštát, one of the ancestral home towns of my Czech ancestors. It is the last day of our stay in this part of the Czech Republic, as today we will travel by train to Prague. Of course I feel overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings, but I will only write Read more about My first last day in Frenštát p. Radhoštěm[…]

Will I find answers to my Czech question in Poland?

Danny and I will go to the Czech Republic for the first time ever in a little less than a month. I’m very excited, and of course I’m trying to plan my trip in a way that lets me also do genealogical research! Although, I’m starting to think that I might need to return to Read more about Will I find answers to my Czech question in Poland?[…]

George and Michel Krczmarsky

My friend Lukáš Svoboda wrote: “I  would suggest only one major correction, so that you are not misled in your ancestors relations.The section starting with “Georgi  termino” It vaguely transcribes as follows Termino Georgi 20 xrTermino Michaeli 20 xrJednu kurua trzi (=tři) wajzaa jednu stuku czenku przinesea naturalne roboti 139 dni do roku And the Read more about George and Michel Krczmarsky[…]

I’m Back! Genealogy Goals and Projects for 2015!

Hey! I’m alive! And now that I’m officially 6 weeks postpartum (as in, my life is returning to normal again!) it’s time to resume this blog! I took an almost year-long hiatus from this blog because I was working on family present. Teehee. And here she is! Miss Cora Madeline Challis! Weird that they posted Read more about I’m Back! Genealogy Goals and Projects for 2015![…]