House Numbering in Frenštát

My fourth cousin in Trojanovice sent me a copy of a history of the town of Frenštát from 1904. I started to read it in Czech, and of course I need to share what I am learning, because it is very interesting. Here is a translation of pages 7 and 8. ———————————————————————————————– House numbering was Read more about House Numbering in Frenštát[…]

Getting Better at Czech

So. Much. Czech.  I sometimes think my brain will explode. But this weekend I proved to Lukáš the usefulness of my Czech study by doing a little comparison of my transcription ability in 2013 and now. Here it is: ——————————————————————- Transcription attempt 11/10/2013: leta pane 1790, dne 15th Marcza povolenimArvzeneho, a Misocze vzneseneho Pane Ondřeje Read more about Getting Better at Czech[…]

Gender, the temple, and another reason to learn some Czech

In order to do proxy temple work for your ancestors, you need four things: a name, a date, a place, and a gender. This last category is because people who stand as proxy are either women or men. After I first went through the temple for my own endowment and started doing it by proxy Read more about Gender, the temple, and another reason to learn some Czech[…]

Watch out for that final a!

I was doing some research for my own Frenštát ancestors. Here is a link to this 26 April 1784 birth. A very quick glance with my tired eyes, and at first I saw, “Johann Chodurin.” I should have noticed three things: 1. There is a third little nožičky – what looks like a final “n” is Read more about Watch out for that final a![…]

Spoken Czech and the schwa (ə)

On my first trip to the Czech Republic (I suppose I’m supposed to call it Czechia, but that sounds so ridiculous I can’t bring myself to even write it, much less say it), I realized that my beloved Czech genealogy is inextricably linked to the Czech language. Therefore, I must not only learn everything there Read more about Spoken Czech and the schwa (ə)[…]